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GSM & GPRS Modems

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  1. GPRS & HSPA GSM RS232 Modem

    Wavecom Fastrack Xtend

    The brand new Fastrack Xtend replaces the Fastrack Supreme wireless modem. The Xtend can be used as a GSM modem, providing SMS, voice/audio and circuit switch data connectivity. It is easily integrated into a wide range of industrial equipment allowing remote monitoring and control. Learn More
  2. OmniSensor Wavecom WMOD2

    OmniSensor Wavecom WMOD2

    The OmniSensor GSM & GPRS modem uses the latest Q24 Wavecom Quad Band module and is fully backward compatible with Wavecom GSM modems including the WMO2, WMOD2 and FastTrack models. The RS232 GSM modem can be used throughout the world including the North, South and Central America. Learn More

2 Item(s)

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