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  1. WindSonic Wind Speed & Direction Sensor

    WindSonic Wind Speed & Direction Sensor

    The Windsonic solid state anemometer provides wind speed and direction data into one serial stream or two analogue outputs. Supplied with free WindCom software for logging data from the serial output. The unit is lightweight (0.5kg) and robust, being manufactured from a polycarbonate blend case to withstand installation and use avoiding the problems caused by the fragility of cups or propellers. Learn More
  2. WindObserver II Wind Speed & Direction Sensor

    WindObserver II Wind Speed & Direction Sensor

    The WindObserver has all of the performance features of the WindSonic plus increased speed range, an optional de-icing system extending the operational temperature range, stainless steel construction, IP66 enclosure, sonic temperature output and averaging (1-3600s). The WindObserver has a proven record in airport, offshore, marine and naval applications. ATEX approved models are available for hazardous applications. Learn More
  3. WindMaster 3D Ultrasonic Anemometer

    WindMaster 3D Sonic Anemometer

    The WindMaster 3D sonic anemometer will monitor wind speeds of 0-45m/s (0-100mph), providing digital outputs for U, V, and W vectors. Outputs for Speed of Sound and Sonic Temperature are available as standard. WindMaster is constructed from aluminium and carbon fiber and is available with either a 20Hz or 32 Hz data output rate. Various optional outputs are available for easy system integration. Learn More
  4. AV-WAD Wind Speed & Direction Sensor

    AV Wind Speed & Direction Sensor

    The AV-WS for wind speed and the AV-WAD for wind speed and direction are mid range environmental sensors for your weather monitoring application. The robust construction makes these ideal for maintenance free applications located in harsh locations that are not suitable for lower cost plastic based sensors. Available with a pulse output for wind speed and resistance output for direction. Learn More
  5. Aero Automatic Weather Station

    Aero Weather Station

    The Aero Weather station is a complete, all in one weather station and data logger for monitoring a variety of environmental parameters including wind speed, direction, humidity, etc. The compact design allows a number of different mounting options and can be quickly deployed with minimal work. The low power design removes the need for additional power requirements such as solar panels and the data can be downloaded quickly via USB. Learn More
  6. WWS Wind Warning System

    WWS Skywatch - Wind Warning System

    Developed specifically for monitoring strong wind conditions, the WWS series gives you the ability to monitor and trigger alarms on high wind conditions. With its simple mounting system and 15 meters of included cable, the WWS can be mounted on cranes, buildings, tents and other structures. Its low power design allows the WWS to operate for two years on the included batteries. Learn More
  7. MiniOFS Visibility Sensor

    MiniOFS Fog & Visibility Sensor

    Designed for low visibility detection, the Mini Optical Fog Sensor, is a compact and easy to install solution with its compact dimensions. Ideal for early detection for traffic safety, the MiniOFS can be integrated into many existing systems via its simple 0-5V or RS232 outputs. Visibility ranges from 20 meter to 4 kilometres, the unit is capable of detecting fog as well as snow, raindrops and air pollutants. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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