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Thickness Meters

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  1. TM-8811

    TM-8811 Omni Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

    The TM-8811 ultrasonic thickness gauge measures the thickness of steel, cast iron, aluminum, red copper, zinc, quartz glass, polyethylene, PVC, gray cast iron & nodular cast iron. Broad band receiving sensitivity means the meter can read probes of different frequencies. Learn More
  2. TM-8812

    TM-8812 Omni Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

    The TM-8812 is a handheld microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic thickness gauge specifically designed to measure the thickness of metallic and non-metallic materials e.g. aluminum, titanium, plastics, ceramics, glass, plastics including rubber and other good ultrasonic wave conductors, as long as they have parallel top and bottom surfaces. This gauge can be used to determine the exact thickness of pipework to ensure the correct settings on an ultrasonic flow meter. The TM-8812 will check a pipe for loss of thickness due to corrosion or erosion. Learn More
  3. GM100

    GM100 Omni Ultrasonic Level Gauge

    The GM100 series ultrasonic thickness gauge allows you to quickly and accuratley measure the thickness of various metals, glass, plastic and more with high accuracy. Range from 1.2 to 225mm for steel. Built in calibration block allows you to perform automatic off-site calibration. Learn More
  4. UM-2D Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    UM-2 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    The UM-2 series ultrasonic thickness gauge offers accurate thickness measurements with an optional echo to echo function, allowing you too measure material thickness though coatings such as paint. The UM also allows you to measure the actual coating thickness, giving you pin-point accuracy down to a 0.0003" or 0.01mm resolution. Its built in memory allows you to store 500 test values and the built in calibration block allows easy on-site calibration. Learn More
  5. UM-1D Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    UM-1 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    Our standard, high quality thickness meter, the UM-1D offers reliable and accurate measurements with a 0.1 mm / 0.031" resolution. The easy to read, graphical LCD display is easy to view with its internal back-light and will display current readings, alarm, minimum and maximum values. Optional Echo-Echo mode for measurement through coatings and paint. Data logger function with software available for Windows PC's Learn More
  6. UM-3 Ultrasonic High Resolution Thickness Meter

    UM-3 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    Using advanced single crystal delayed probe and multi-echo and interface technology the UM-3 series offers industry leading high 0.0001” / 0.001mm resolution measurements over a wide thickness range of just 0.12 mm and up too 25mm. Learn More
  7. UM-4 Omni Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    UM-4 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    The UM-4 series has the capability to offer an A-Scan snapshot, this offers the user a picture of the ultrasonic waves returning to the transducer by displaying the signal amplitude (Y Axis) with the thickness (X Axis). This allows optimal transducer alignment and the ability to detect small pits and flaws in the material that you’re measuring. Learn More
  8. UM-5 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    UM-5 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    Featuring both live A-Scan and B-Scan modes, the UM-5 ultrasonic thickness meter gives you an accurate picture of your material thickness over by displaying the thickness as you move the probe across the material. For precision measurements the 0.01mm resolution and ±0.05mm give you pin point accuracy. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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