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  1. 2255 Frequency Converter Programmable

    2255 Frequency Converter

    The 2255 is a frequency to current/voltage or frequency to frequency converter. The 2255 can also be used as a frequency generator as a time base or clock generator, with a max frequency of 20kHz. Learn More
  2. 2288 Pulse Interface

    2288 Pulse Interface

    The 2288 is a pulse interface suitable for pulse stretcher, amplifier or inverter. The 2288 can also be used as an Interface between pulse sensors and relays, electromechanical counters, etc. Learn More
  3. 4222 Universal I to F Converter

    4222 Universal Frequency Converter

    The 4222 is a universal current/voltage to frequency converter. The 4222 accepts RTD, TC, Ohm, potentiometer, mA and V inputs and produces a frequency output between 0.001 and 25,000 Hz. The unit can be programmed via the detachable 4501 display front. Learn More
  4. 5223 Programmable Frequency Converter

    5223 Programmable Frequency Generator

    Pulse calculator ~ Frequency generator Galvanic isolation, optional Ex ~ Analogue current - and voltage output PNP/NPN output, optional relays Universal supply. Learn More
  5. 5225 Programmable Frequency Converter

    5225 Programmable Frequency Converter

    Pulse conditioning ~ Frequency generator Concurrent f/I and f/f function ~ Analogue current - and voltage output PNP/NPN output, optional relays Programmable by PC and Loop Link. Learn More

5 Item(s)

per page