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Pressure Sensors

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  1. LEO Record

    LEO Record Digital Manometer with Data Logger

    LEO Record is a combined pressure indicator and pressure data logger available for pressure ranges up to 2000 bar. Additionally it also logs temperature. It is used with Logger 4x windows software for logger setup and downloading of data. Data can be viewed in table or graph format and exported to MS Excel. It is also available with ATEX certification for hazardous area use ( intrinsically safe ). Learn More
  2. LEO1

    LEO 1 Digital Manometer with ±0.2% Accuracy

    DIGITAL MANOMETER LEO 1 ACCURACY 0,2% LEO 1 is a micro-processor controlled, accurate and versatile digital pressure measuring instrument with integrated fast peak-, max.- and min.-function. Ranges -1 to 3 Bar up to 0-1000 Bar. Learn More
  3. LEO2

    LEO 2 Digital Manometer with ±0.1% Accuracy

    DIGITAL MANOMETER LEO 2 ACCURACY 0,1% LEO 2 is a compact, micro-processor (µP) controlled, highly accurate and versatile pressure measuring instrument with digital indication. Ranges -1 to 3 bar up to 0-700 bar. Exia option Learn More
  4. 27W Series

    Series 27W Submersible Depth Transmitter

    Submersible level transmitter, ranges 200mBar to 200 bar absolute or gauge with external case pressure up to 200 bar. Suitable for seawater applications. Available with 0-5v, 0-10v, and 4-20mA outputs. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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