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  • Teracom TCW Series Updates


    The latest firmware for the Teracom TCW line has been updated, revision 2.0 adds thefollowing updates to the TCW122B-CM and TCW181B-CM...

    • Improved http speeds
    • Stability improvements
    • HTML API commands can be sent without authorization
    • Updates can be carried out through the web interface

    Its recommended that all TCW models receive this upgrade to improve both performance and stability.  The update is also available for the discontinued TCW121B and TCW180B models. As well as the above improvements, the firmware also adds the following..

    • HTML API commands
    • XML reports
    • VLAN and MAC filtering Removed

    Contact sales for further information and a copy of the latest firmware.

  • Counterfeit Gold Detection

    As time goes on people are finding more and more ways to produce counterfeits and make easy money at the expense of others. It may not be as easy as trading in fool's gold was in the old days, but as we'll show you, it is easy to get your hands on a "good" adulterated gold bar.

    Fortunately for the rest of us out there who want to make an honest living, technologies such as ultrasonic thickness measurement are helping to throw the red flag before we get ourselves in to any trouble. In this article we will explain why it is becoming increasingly difficult to detect precious metal counterfeits through conventional methods and the steps needed to protect yourself.
  • Crane Sensors – Inclinometers, Wind Speed & Tension Load Cells


    Omni Instruments LLC offers a variety of sensor solutions which can meet and exceed OSHA regulations for monitoring your crane.

    Variable angle booms must have a system to inform the operator the angle of the boom, with an accuracy of around 1%. Our new DMI series digital inclinometers offer a 0.1° accuracy, far better than the 1% specified by OSHA, and a 0.01° resolution to ensure you know exactly where you boom is at all times. The DMI is very easy to install, either with its mounting holes or with the strong magnet, and features an easy to read LED display which can be located in the cab.

    Wind speed is another important consideration, while ground conditions can seem quite calm, at the tip of the boom this could be a completely different scenario. The WWS Skywatch from Omni Instruments is an all in one wind speed sensor, indicator and external alarm controller. The indicator gives the operator a continuous picture of the conditions and the optional alarm output will inform the operator of programmable pre-set alarm conditions have been reached.

    While modern cranes have the ability to inform the user of the exact load of the load they are moving, the reliability and accuracy of these systems can be questionable. The ET link, both wired and wireless, give you an exact reading of weight of the load you are lifting, no second guessing and wondering if your instruments are correct. The fast update and 0.25% accuracy up to 250 tonnes ensure that no matter you’re under hook crane lifting application, the ET link will give you up to the second reliable readings.

  • Website/News Blog Integration

    By the end of the day today we will be implementing our news blog within our website.  The former SensorsBlog.com will still be active, however our primary source of news will come directly from here, OmniInstruments.net.  Plenty more to come!

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