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High Capacity Load Cells

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  1. CCD-0.25%

    CCD-0.25% Column Compression Load Cell


    The CCD series of column load cells are design to make compression load measurements in a wide range of heavy duty mid to high capacity applications such as pile force measurement, press testing and hydraulic jack levelling systems.

    Standard capacities for the CCD column load cell range from 2 tonnes up to 1000 tonnes with even higher capacity versions up to 3000 tonnes possible.

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  2. CCD-0.1%

    CCD-0.1% High Accuracy Column Load Cell

    The CCD-0.1% series of high accuracy column compression load cells are designed for use in applications where precise measurement of mid to high loads and forces is required. Learn More
  3. CCG

    CCG Annular Load Cell

    The CCG series of low profile annular load cells (also known as donut load cells) have been designed for applications where bolt tension needs to be measured with a very low-profile transducer. They are also used in cable tension applications where they are mounted at the anchor point. Learn More
  4. DBEP

    DBEP Shear Pin Load Cell


    The DEBP series of shear pin load cells are suitable for the measurement of tensile and compressive forces across a huge range of process monitoring, offshore, civil engineering, industrial, marine and crane/lifting applications.

    All of our pin load cells are manufactured from stainless steel and sealed to IP67 as standard to ensure that they are able to stand up to the tough conditions that are commonplace in a typical industrial, marine or offshore application.

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  5. DBCL

    DBCL High Capacity In-Line Column Load Cell

    The DBCL load cell is sealed to IP66 as standard and manufactured from stainless steel. Optionally we can increase the sealing to IP68 for tough marine and offshore applications where submersion depths of 6500 metres or more can be catered for if required. Integrated signal conditioning is also available with the choice of various analogue and digital outputs. Learn More
  6. DSCC

    DSCC Pancake Load Cell


    They can operate in both tension and compression and are commonly used in materials testing and component fatigue testing applications for axial force measurements where a high accuracy, low-profile device is required.

    The high frequency response of the DSCC pancake load cells also makes them ideal for dynamic force and load measurement applications such as crash test walls. The high-speed analogue SGA amplifier is an ideal compliment to the DSCC pancake load cell, offering a conditioned signal output of 4-20mA, ±5Vdc or ±10Vdc with a bandwidth of up to 6kHz.

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  7. ET Wired

    ET Link Load Cell


    The ET Wired Lift Link series of link load cells are designed primarily for the under-hook crane weighing and lifting gear weighing applications. In addition it can be used as a load monitoring link for cable tension measurement and other in-line force or load measurement applications such a boat weighing.

    The ET Wired link load cell is supplied as a calibrated system complete with a TR150 handheld digital indicator and a 10 metre connecting cable.

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  8. ET Telemetry

    ET Telemetry Lift Link

    The ET wireless crane scales utilise a battery-powered radio telemetry system to allow wireless load measurement over distances up to 200 metres, avoiding the need to run vulnerable cables across your site and ensuring that personnel can easily stand at a safe distance during weighing and lifting operations. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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