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Fatigue-Rated Load Cells

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  1. CBES

    CBES Low Profile Button Load Cell

    The CBES series of low profile button load cells are designed for use in compression measurement applications where height is at a premium such as press force measurement and vessel weight measurement. Learn More
  2. CCD-0.25%

    CCD-0.25% Column Compression Load Cell


    The CCD series of column load cells are design to make compression load measurements in a wide range of heavy duty mid to high capacity applications such as pile force measurement, press testing and hydraulic jack levelling systems.

    Standard capacities for the CCD column load cell range from 2 tonnes up to 1000 tonnes with even higher capacity versions up to 3000 tonnes possible.

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  3. DBB

    DBB S-Beam Load Cell

    The sensing principle employed on our Z-Beam load cells varies, with a dual bending beam design on the DBBE model which covers capacities from 50kg up to 500kg and a shear web design on the DBBW model. Both sensing principles offer inherently high accuracy and enable us to guarantee performance of better than ±0.03% of rated capacity. Learn More
  4. DDE

    DDE Miniature In-Line Tension & Compression Load Cell

    The DDE's small size means that weight is kept to a minimum, this, in conjunction with it's low deflection, results in a high stiffness assembly and makes the load cell suited to the measurement of fast changes in load and high frequency transients. Learn More
  5. DSCC

    DSCC Pancake Load Cell


    They can operate in both tension and compression and are commonly used in materials testing and component fatigue testing applications for axial force measurements where a high accuracy, low-profile device is required.

    The high frequency response of the DSCC pancake load cells also makes them ideal for dynamic force and load measurement applications such as crash test walls. The high-speed analogue SGA amplifier is an ideal compliment to the DSCC pancake load cell, offering a conditioned signal output of 4-20mA, ±5Vdc or ±10Vdc with a bandwidth of up to 6kHz.

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5 Item(s)

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