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Load & Torque Sensors

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  1. DTD-F

    DTD-F Flange-type Static Torque Transducer


    The DTD-F is constructed from Stainless Steel on capacities up to 10kNm while capacities from 20kNm upwards are constructed from Alloy Steel.

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  2. YDSS

    YDSS Mini Square Drive Rotary Torque Transducer

    The YDSS series of mini rotary torque transducers feature industry standard square drives. The are particularly suited to the measurement and calibration of continuously rotating automated fastening systems used in production. Learn More
  3. YDSA

    YDSA Miniature Rotary Torque Transducer

    The YDSA series of miniature rotary torque transducers have shaft drives and offer a very small size for mounting in compact spaces. They feature low capacity, high accuracy and high RPM capability. Learn More
  4. TR200

    TR200 Strain Gauge Meter

    The TR200 strain gauge indicator's predominant feature is its 10-channel capability that enables up to 10 separate strain gauge transducers to be calibrated in the required engineering units with one single indicator. Using an intelligent input connector the TR200 indicator automatically recognises the connected strain gauge sensor and ports it to the correct channel. Learn More
  5. SY021

    SY021 Strain Gauge Display


    The SY021 is a portable battery powered load cell readout / strain gauge display designed to work with all types of strain gauge based transducer.

    The load cell readout's alpha-numeric display has 2 lines of 16 characters with user friendly prompts to assist with the configuration and calibration and provides full 5-digit resolution of ±99999.

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  6. TR150

    TR150 Load Cell Display

    The TR150 load cell indicator features a 7-digit LCD display which makes it suitable for any monitoring application from general industrial up to high accuracy reference standards. Other features include peak & trough capture, display update rates up to 25Hz, display hold / freeze, shunt calibration, integrated TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) functionality and optionally an RS232 serial data output. Learn More
  7. Digiforce



    The Digiforce non-contact tension meter comprises of a hand held battery powered instrument with a matrix keypad, alphanumeric display and magnetic flux density sensor.  It is operated by holding it close to but not touching the vibrating member to be measured.

    It operates on the principle that when a tensioned member anchored between two points is struck it vibrates at a frequency related to its tensile stress.

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  8. ICA with Enclosure

    ICA Miniature Load Cell Amplifier


    There are a total of six output variants of the miniature ICA load cell amplifier available:

    • ICA1S: 0.1 to 10Vdc (13 to 30Vdc supply)
    • ICA2S: 0.1 to 5Vdc (8.5 to 28Vdc supply)
    • ICA3S: ±10Vdc (±13 to ±15Vdc bi-polar supply)
    • ICA4S: 4-20mA (3-wire) (10 to 30Vdc supply)
    • ICA5S: 4-20mA (2-wire) (7.5 to 30Vdc supply)
    • ICA6S: ±10Vdc (24 to 30Vdc supply)
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  9. YDS

    YDS Low Capacity Shaft type Rotary Torque Transducer


    The YDS series of low capacity rotary torque transducers have parallel shaft connections for in-line direct drive mounting. They are designed for lower range torque monitoring in continuously rotating applications where high accuracy and stability are important.

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  10. YDR

    YDR High Accuracy Rotary Torque Transducer with RPM Sensor


    The YDR series of slip ring rotary torque transducers have parallel shafts for in-line direct drive to measure torque under continuous rotation.  All versions feature a foot mounting plate, and the YDR model has a integral RPM sensor which provides a pulsed output.

    Applications include performance testing of automotive components, clutches, transmissions, motors and pumps, as well as an array of general industrial measurements.

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Items 11 to 20 of 47 total

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