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  1. DDI Series Inclinometer

    DDI Series Dual Axis Inclinometer & Display

    The DDI series from Omni Instruments is a single box, industrial grade, high resolution digital inclinometer and display. High 0.03° accuracy comes as standard with a number of additional options such as RS232/485 output, internal rechargeable battery, mounting magnet and external inclinometer input. Enclosed in a robust metal, waterproof enclosure, the DDI series can be used in the harshest of environments. Learn More
  2. Single & Dual Axis Inclinometer

    SAI Single & Dual Axis Inclinometers

    The SAI inclinometer is part of Omni Instruments Eco line of instruments, offering exceptional performance at a low price point. The SAI features a rugged, industrial, waterproof case housing either a single or dual axis inclinometer. Featuring a 0-5V DC output, fast 100Hz frequency response and a high 0.01° resolution. Learn More
  3. HAI High Accuracy Inclinometer

    XHAI Dual Axis Inclinometer

    The XHAI dual axis inclinometer is part of the Omni Instruments Pro line range, offering high accuracy in a rugged industrial, submersible housing with MIL spec connector. Featuring a high 0.0008° resolution, minimal 0.0002° drift and an overall accuracy of <0.004°, the HAI series is designed for accurate and reliable measurements. Learn More
  4. Dual Axis Inclinometer

    HAI Dual Axis Inclinometers

    Dual Axis, rugged, industrial grade HAI Inclinometers are available with voltage, current, serial and MODBUS. Accuracy up to 0.02°, fast angle response of 20Hz and a long term stability of less than 0.02°. The aluminum casing is waterproof and makes installation easy. Learn More
  5. LPMS 9-Axis IMU AHRS Motion Sensors

    LPMS 9-Axis IMU AHRS Motion Sensors

    The LPMS Motion Sensor is a miniature inertial measurement unit (IMU) and attitude and heading reference system (AHRS). The unit uses triple axis accelerometer, gyro and magnetomer sensors and an integral Kalman filter to provide full orientation data in either optional wireless Bluetooth or CAN BUS via USB connection as Quaternion or Euler angles, and also provides raw sensor measurements for x,y,z acceleration, pitch, roll yaw rate of turn and magnetometer data. Learn More
  6. AK Accelerometer

    AK Series Accelerometers

    Single, dual and triple axis accelerometers with either voltage, current and serial data outputs. A variety of ranges are available, from 2g to 50g measurement range. Housed in a tough, aluminium waterproof case, the AK series are ideal for tough environments with its 2000G shock capacity rating and wide -40°C to +85°C operating range. Learn More
  7. Wireless Dual Axis Inlinometer

    DWI Wireless Inclinometer

    Wireless digital dual axis inclinometer with a large, easy to read 5.6" color screen. Transmission distance of up too 200 meters and a long eight hour battery life on a single charge, the DWI is an easy to install temporary or permanent wireless inclination monitoring system. Dual channel option available for two separate dual axis inclinometers allow a comparison of two variables at a single time. Learn More
  8. XXHAI High Accuracy Inclinometer with CANBUS

    XXHAI Dual Axis CANBUS Inclinometer

    The XXHAI dual axis series inclinometers offer either CANBUS 2.0A or CANopen interface with an industry leading 0.0001° resolution. Accuracy from 0.001° and a temperature drift of 0.0008°, the XXHAI is suitable for long term, high precision measurements. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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