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  1. MiniAir20 Display Unit

    MiniAir 20 Portable EX Vane Anemometer with Display

    Intrinsically safe MiniAir20 Multi-purpose propeller anemometer with various probes for standard and special applications with automatic probe recognition. In addition to the flow probes another set of probes for the parameters humidity, revolutions and volume can be handled by the MiniAir 20. Learn More
  2. MiniAir Junior

    MiniAir Junior Portable Vane Anemometer with Display

    MiniAir Junior universal anemometer for flow and/or temperature measuring in air, gases, and liquids. Aerodynamic probes, replaceable Snap heads Micro and Mini, automatic probe identification. Intrinsically safe option. Learn More
  3. OMNI-TUF-200H Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    Omni TUF-200H Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    The Omni TUF-200H handheld ultrasonic flowmmeter is a low cost, high portability, high accuracy and non-intrusive flow meter. It integrates state-of-the-art transit-time measurement and ultrasonic signal processing technologies as well as the latest advancements in semiconductors. Learn More
  4. MiniController 20

    MiniController 20 Portable Vane Anemometer with Display

    The MiniController 20 provides a handheld measuring instrument designed for air flow velocity, humidity and temperature measurements. The MC20 includes a TFT colour display with a small keypad and can display all three parameters simultaneously with min, max and average values. Data can be logged to a SD card or printed via the IR interface. Learn More

4 Item(s)

per page