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  1. MiniAir20 Display Unit

    MiniAir 20 Portable EX Vane Anemometer with Display

    Intrinsically safe MiniAir20 Multi-purpose propeller anemometer with various probes for standard and special applications with automatic probe recognition. In addition to the flow probes another set of probes for the parameters humidity, revolutions and volume can be handled by the MiniAir 20. Learn More
  2. MiniAir Junior

    MiniAir Junior Portable Vane Anemometer with Display

    MiniAir Junior universal anemometer for flow and/or temperature measuring in air, gases, and liquids. Aerodynamic probes, replaceable Snap heads Micro and Mini, automatic probe identification. Intrinsically safe option. Learn More
  3. OMNI-TUF-200H Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    Omni TUF-200H Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    The Omni TUF-200H handheld ultrasonic flowmmeter is a low cost, high portability, high accuracy and non-intrusive flow meter. It integrates state-of-the-art transit-time measurement and ultrasonic signal processing technologies as well as the latest advancements in semiconductors. Learn More
  4. MiniController 20

    MiniController 20 Portable Vane Anemometer with Display

    The MiniController 20 provides a handheld measuring instrument designed for air flow velocity, humidity and temperature measurements. The MC20 includes a TFT colour display with a small keypad and can display all three parameters simultaneously with min, max and average values. Data can be logged to a SD card or printed via the IR interface. Learn More
  5. VM220 Vibration Meter

    VM220 Portable Vibration Meter

    The MTN/VM220 is a compact, rechargeable, portable handheld Vibration meter designed to conform to ISO10816-3 and operate with a constant current accelerometer providing accurate vibration and temperature measurements. Features RMS, peak, peak-peak, crest factor readings in acceleration, velocity or displacement modes. Learn More
  6. UM-1D Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    UM-1 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    Our standard, high quality thickness meter, the UM-1D offers reliable and accurate measurements with a 0.1 mm / 0.031" resolution. The easy to read, graphical LCD display is easy to view with its internal back-light and will display current readings, alarm, minimum and maximum values. Optional Echo-Echo mode for measurement through coatings and paint. Data logger function with software available for Windows PC's Learn More
  7. GTS Sword Hygrometer Kit

    GTS Sword Hygrometer

    The GTS is the classic sword hygrometer for the the measurement of ERH in the paper industry. Its high precision, fast response and cost effective price have made it the automatic choice of paper mills, merchants, converters and the printing industry for over 20 years. Learn More
  8. TV300 Vibration Meter

    Omni TV300 Vibration Meter

    Featuring a large LCD display, the TV300 series meter can display acceleration, velocity and displacement on one screen at the same time. Also featuring a detailed vibration spectrum view for better analysis of your equipment. An internal data logger allows you to save readings while on site, which can be viewed at a later date on the unit or a PC. Internal lithium ion battery and charger is included. Learn More
  9. DV465 Vibration Meter BlueTooth Wireless Link

    Omni DV465 Vibration Meter

    The DV465 vibration meter features a variety of communication options such as USB and wireless BlueTooth for connection to your PC, allowing real-time data analysis and logging. The wide measurement range, up to 10kHz, makes the DV465 suitable for a large array of vibration monitoring applications. Featuring measurement for velocity, acceleration, displacement, RPM and frequency. Learn More
  10. UM-2D Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    UM-2 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    The UM-2 series ultrasonic thickness gauge offers accurate thickness measurements with an optional echo to echo function, allowing you too measure material thickness though coatings such as paint. The UM also allows you to measure the actual coating thickness, giving you pin-point accuracy down to a 0.0003" or 0.01mm resolution. Its built in memory allows you to store 500 test values and the built in calibration block allows easy on-site calibration. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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