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Flow Switches

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  1. DFS2 Ultrasonic Flow Switch

    DFS2 Doppler Flow Switch

    The DFS2 Doppler Flow Switch continuously measures the velocity of fluid in pipelines using the non-intrusive Doppler principle. The DFS2 is quick and easy to install with no holes in the pipe, no sensor fouling, no maintenance and no downtime for sensor installation. The DFS2 includes a relay with adjustable high and low setpoint control and adjustable delay-on and delay-off timers. The DFS2 has two selectable flowranges, 0 - 2m/s and 0 - 6 m/s, with the flow rate indicated on the 10 LED bar graph flow indicator. Learn More
  2. FS6700 & FS6200 Miniture Flow Switch

    FS6200, FS6700 & FS6900 Micro Flow Switches

    The FS6200, FS6700 and FS6900 are designed to detect increasing and decreasing flow rates of liquids in critical processes. The linear, high resolution adjustment allows for precise settings. . Fully field adjustable set points of 0.5ml/min to 800 ml/min for liquid or 30 sccm to 20 slpm for gas with 1/8" & 1/4" NPT process connections. The FS6900 is a high temperature gas switch design to operate up too 300°F Learn More
  3. FS5000 Series Flow Switch

    FS5100 & FS5700 Flow Switches

    The FS5100 and FS5700 flow switches are designed for liquids or gases for higher flow ranges - adjustable set points 0.5 to 18 litres per minute for liquid, or 1 to 700 slpm for gas. Hazardous area optional and with operating pressures of up too 68 bar, the FS5000 series are suitable for a variety of critical flow monitoring applications. Learn More

3 Item(s)

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