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  1. SWT-99

    SWT-99 Multi-Channel Display for RTD's

    SWT-99 Multi-channel Process Indicator. The SWT-99 Multi-channel Process indicator is designed to measure and display up to 8 RTD inputs. The LCD allows up to 8 channels to be displayed at any one time and also the trend of any channel for the preceeding 12 or 90 seconds. The device is equipped with 2, 4 or 8 RTD inputs and 2 electronic relay outputs. Learn More
  2. CMC-141

    CMC-141 Multi-Channel Display, Controller & Data Logger

    The Linux based CMC-141 multi-channel display, controller and data acqusition system allows you to monitor and control up to 48 seperate devices in a single, compact system. Analogue and digital I/O can be viewed and controlled on the clear, 5.7" color TFT touchscreen. Two built in USB ports allow connection to memory keys, keyboards and mice. Available with RS232, RS485 and Ethernet communication options. Learn More
  3. SRD-99

    SRD-99 Multi-Channel Display & Data Logger

    The SRD-99 Multi-channel display is designed to record signal inputs and display current values in graphs and numeric form. The device is equipped with 1, 4 or 8 temperature (Pt100/500/1000) or current (in the 0/4-20 mA standard) inputs, one pulse (digital) input for controlling the recording process, two relay outputs for control and one USB Host port for flash data storage. Learn More
  4. SUR-94 Large LED Process Indicator

    SUR-94 Large LED Universal Indicator

    The SUR-94 universal input indicator features large 20mm red LED characters which can be clearly seen over short distances. Universal inputs for voltage, current, RTD's and thermocouples as well as RS485/MODBUS, analog and relay outputs for basic control applications are optional. Learn More
  5. SWE-73 Series Process Indicator

    SWE-73 Economical Process Indicators

    The SWE-73 line of indicators uses the same, high quality construction of our more expensive models but cuts on some additional features which may not be necessary in your application. A wide range of input options are available including voltage, loop powered current, RTD and MODBUS. Learn More
  6. SR 77 Series Dual Process Indicator

    SR 77 Series Dual Display Indicators

    Featuring one large display for the measured value and a second smaller display for minimum and maximum values, the SW 77 line is ideal for giving you, at a glance, the information on your process. Available with temperature or analog voltage / current inputs as well as up to two relays for basic control and alert. Learn More
  7. STI-73 Ratemeter

    STI-73 Rotational Speed Ratemeter

    The STI-73 series is designed to monitor high speed pulse signals, up to 50kHz, and display them as revolutions per second, minute or hour. The unit also features a single relay or digital output for basic control and alarm functions. The easy to read, bright LED display, can be used in a variety of environments and the optional IP65 splash proof cover adds additional protection for outdoor installations. Learn More
  8. SRP Process & Current Indicator

    SRP-73 Current & Voltage Input Process Display

    Suitable for both voltage or current signals, the SRP-73 offers an economical way to display your current process variables with its compact size. Programmable scaling and optional multiple relay outputs with standard RS485 MODBUS RTU communication support, the SRP-73 is a versatile, rugged and reliable meter. Learn More
  9. N323

    3-Output Temperature Controller N323

    Digital temperature controller for heating, refrigeration and alarm purposes with 3 independent setpoints. It allows Pt1000, thermistor NTC, PTC or FeCo thermocouples inputs. Learn More
  10. N322T

    Temperature Controller With Timer N322T

    Temperature controller for heating and refrigeration purposes with timer support. It has Pt1000, thermistor NTC, PTC or J thermocouples inputs available. Allows energy time delay and minimum on/off time settings. Learn More

Items 11 to 20 of 38 total

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