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Displacement Sensors

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  1. M Series LVDT

    M Miniature LVDT Displacement Sensor


    The M series of miniature LVDT displacement transducers are available in ranges from ±0.25mm (0-0.5mm) up to ±50mm (0-100mm).

    Available in either a 4-wire or 6-wire configurations, the miniature LVDT requires a sinusoidal AC supply voltage and provide an AC mV/V output signal which is linearly proportional to displacement.

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  2. E Series Displacement Sensor

    E Series Standard LVDT Displacement Sensor

    The E series of standard LVDT displacement transducers are available with measuring ranges from ±0.5mm (0-1mm) up to ±500mm (0-1000mm). Learn More
  3. IE Series Displacement Sensor

    IE Industrial LVDT Displacement Transducer


    The IE series of industrial LVDT displacement transducers are available with measuring ranges from ±0.5mm (0-1mm) up to ±500mm (0-1000mm).

    Constructed from stainless steel, the IE LVDTs are sealed to IP65 as standard with the option of IP68 (submersible), making them ideally suited for a multitude of harsh and demanding applications where environmental conditions are humid, wet, dusty or dirty.

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  4. SGD

    SGD Strain Gauge Displacement Transducer

    Available in ranges from 0-5mm up to 0-100mm, the strain gauge displacement transducer offers excellent accuracy of better than 0.1% on ranges up to 0-50mm and 0.2% on the 0-100mm version, coupled with high resolution and long-term stability. Lead times typically for small quantities is less than one week. Learn More
  5. R-Fox Crack Displacement Data Logger

    R-Fox Crack Displacement Logger

    The R-Fox is specifically designed to monitor crack displacements of large structures such as buildings and bridges. Using a unique approach of using displacement sensors, the R-Fox can measure changes or just 0.0025mm, along with temperature and humidity logging, the system can give you an accurate picture of your structures condition. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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