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  1. LogBox-RHT and LogBox-RHT-LCD

    Temperature and Relative Humidity Logger - LogBox-RHT

    Logbox-RHT and LogBox-RHT-LCD are dual channel data loggers with built-in temperature and relative humidity sensors. They use a high quality industrial grade humidity sensor for accurate and reliable operation in applications such as transportation, food and goods storage, process auditing, pharmaceutical, HVAC and others. Learn More
  2. MSR145 Data Logger

    MSR145 Data Logger

    The MSR 145 is a miniature universal data logger with options for monitoring temperature, humidity, pressure, 3-axis accelerometer (X, Y and Z axes) and light sensors with internal and external sensors. The units are available in a selection of housings and have an internal rechargeable battery. Additionally, the MSR145 can be fitted with dual or quad analogue input module to allow the connection of third party sensors and two housings allow for the option of a MicroSD card for increase memory. Learn More
  3. MSR160 Data Logger

    MSR160 Data Logger

    Four integrated analogue inputs, a high measurement rate of up to 1000/s per channel and its gigantic memory capacity, all packed into a small format are the key characteristics of the MSR160 data logger. The analogue inputs of the robust mini logger can be used for conventional sensors with analogue outputs (e.g. CO2, conductivity, pH etc). In addition, a multiple output switching power supply is also provided. Learn More
  4. MSR165 Data Logger

    MSR165 Data Logger

    The robust MSR165 data logger is capable of making 1600 acceleration (shock, vibrations) measurements per second in all three axes. Shock monitoring is possible up to +/- 15g, 32 measurement values are recorded even before the event takes place. Learn More
  5. MSR255 Data Logger

    MSR255 Data Logger

    With up to five different sensors, four additional analogue inputs and an easy to read LCD screen the compact MSR255 offers maximum possible flexibility and user-friendliness. Learn More
  6. Tinytag Handheld Thermohygrometer TH-2500

    Tinytag Handheld Thermohygrometer TH-2500

    Portable temperature and RH hand-held device for spot reading and data logging. Learn More
  7. Tinytag Plus 2

    Tinytag Plus 2

    A rugged range of waterproof data loggers to measure temperature and humidity in outdoor/industrial applications. Learn More
  8. Tinytag Ultra 2 (TGU-4017)

    Tinytag Ultra 2


    Data Loggers for measuring indoor temperature and humidity.

    Sharing the same electronics as the Tinytag Plus 2 loggers, Tinytag Ultra 2s are housed in a lightweight, splashproof case (IP54). Tinytag Ultra 2s are designed primarily for indoor use, but can be used outdoors if appropriately protected with, for example, a Stevenson Screen.

    Learn More
  9. Tinytag Plus IS

    Tinytag Plus IS


    The Tinytag Plus Intrinsically Safe data loggers are an ATEX approved range of temperature and humidity recorders designed for use in hazardous areas.

    Learn More
  10. Tinytag View 2

    Tinytag View 2

    Temperature and relative humidity data loggers with a digital display. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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