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  1. Graphtec GL900 Midi Data Logger

    Graphtec GL900 Data Logger

    The GL900 is a high speed data logger with integral colour LCD display and 256MB of flash memory. Sample rate can be set from 10uS to1 minute logging to internal RAm or 10mS to 1minute logging to USB stick. The logger accepts voltage inputs from +.-20mV to +/- 500 VDC, and K,J,E,T,R,S,B,N,W thermocouples. it also has 4 pulse counter inputs. Learn More
  2. TV-4810

    TV-4810 Current Clamp Data Logger

    The TV-4810 measures current from 0 to 200A AC and is ideal for mains and power consumption monitoring. Learn More
  3. Graphtec GL7000

    GL7000 Modular Data Acquisition Unit

    The GL7000 is a high speed modular data acquisition unit that can be built up to fit a variety of different applications with a selection of different modules available to provide voltage, temperature or digital inputs along with voltage and alarm outputs. A total of 10 modules can be added to provide up to 112 channels on each GL7000. Optional 5.7" HD color display allows you to view current readings without the need of a PC. Learn More
  4. Graphtec GL100

    Graphtec GL100 Series

    The GL100 series from Graphtec give you wireless and wired Ethernet connectivity for up to four sensors. A wide variety of sensors modules are available for temperature, humidity, CO2, acceleration carbon dioxide, luminance, voltage, thermistor and AC current, all of which feature an easy to use connection and configuration system. The front LCD display gives the user real-time data as well as configuration options, while the mobile phone application and web based configuration allow remote monitoring. Learn More
  5. OMNIAlog Multi-Channel Data Logger

    OMNIAlog Multi-Channel Data Loggger

    High performance, rugged remote data logger with 16 channels, expandable to 384 via expansion modules. The OMNIAlog features a large 2GB removable memory, web page based configuration and data viewing with email alarms, no software is require. The front LCD display and keypad allows remove data viewing and configuration without the need of a PC. Universal analogue inputs for mA, RTD's, thermocouples, millivolt and voltage inputs with a high 24 bit resolution. Learn More
  6. Gemini TGRF Data Logger

    Tinytag Radio Data Logger

    Self contained radio data logger system allows multiple external monitoring units to communicate back to a central base station which will record data at your desired preset interval. Once connected to a computer, data can be downloaded and graphed while alarms can also be sent out via email or SMS text message to alert you of the current conditions. Easy to install and long remote station battery life, allows you reliable monitoring with no maintenance. Learn More
  7. Merlin Data Logger

    Merlin Data Logger SDL1200

    The Merlin data logger is a compact, low power multi channel device capable of handling a range of analogue and serial inputs and logging data at speeds of up to 50 Hz. It has 10 analogue inputs with a 0-5v input range or frequency inputs flow flow meters. The unit also has a serial RS485 port for connection to Keller digital pressure sensors, and other serial devices. The large high contrast LCD display can be extended with an optional external display. Learn More
  8. Omni 4000 Series Thermocouple Data Logger

    Omni Pro Line 4000 Multi-Channel Temperature Data Logger

    The 4000 series from Omni Instruments is a portable, eight channel temperature monitor and data logger. Featuring a color screen and keypad, accurate temperature measurements can be taken on the field without the need of a computer. USB connection allows data download to a flash drive or direct connection to a PC for real-time data streaming. Multiple units can be networked to acquire up to 128 channels of data. Learn More
  9. Omni Instruments WM Power Analyzer & Data Logger

    WM Series Power Analyzer & Data Logger

    The Omni Instruments WM series power analyzer is an easy to power monitoring and data logger solution. Directly connect to your supply, the WM series will display watts, power factor / VA, voltage or Hz and amps. The built in data logger can store over 1000 readings which can be downloaded to your PC for analysis. Supports up to 750V, 20A, 2000W and 20MHz ranges. Learn More
  10. Omni Instruments 4500 Series Thermocouple Data Logger

    Omni Pro Line 4500 Multi-Channel Temperature Data Logger

    The 4500 series temperature data logger from Omni Instruments is a professional grade, bench top thermocouple data logger which can monitor anywhere from 8 to 32 probes. Additionally, multiple units can talk to each other, allowing up to 128 channels to be monitored and logged at one central point. The color LCD display allows real-time mimic and graph views, the USB port can offer real-time PC monitoring or data download to a USB flash drive. Learn More

Items 11 to 20 of 43 total

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