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  1. DigiGate Profibus

    DigiGate Profibus

    DigiGate Profibus is the ideal equipment for interconnecting a Profibus DP network with a Modbus RTU network. It works as a gateway, operating as a master station in the Modbus network and as a slave station in the Profibus network. Learn More
  2. TCW181B-CM Ethernet Relay Control Module

    TCW181B-CM Ethernet Control Module

    The Teracom TCW181B-CM is 8-channel Ethernet relay board, which is designed to work in IP-based networks. The device is managed by a web interface, SNMP programs or user application over HTTP/XML API commands. It can be used as stand-alone device or as a part of control and monitoring systems. Learn More
  3. OmniText D2 SMS Alarm & Logging System

    OmniText GSM Data Logging & Alarm

    The OmniText D4 is a battery powered data logging and SMS alarm unit with up to 4 programmable inputs for temperature ( -55 to+125°C), pulse count or digital state inputs. The unit also operates as a data logger with historic data and latest readings published on our M2M Web Interface. Monthly running costs are as low as Learn More
  4. TCW240B Ethernet Controller

    TCW240B Ethernet Control & Monitoring Module

    A fully featured Ethernet controller with four analogue inputs, four digital outputs, four relay outputs and a one-wire input for up too eight compatible sensors, the TCW240B is ideal for larger monitoring applications. With a simple web based interface, offering email alarms, the TCW240B also supports more advanced protocols such as SNMP, XML and NTP for easy integration into your current monitoring network. Tasks can now also be scheduled with the built-in real-time clock. Learn More
  5. APCI-1500 PCI Digital I/O Card

    APCI-1500 Digital 32 Channel I/O Board

    Digital I/O board, 16 optically isolated digital inputs (including 14 interruptible inputs), all inputs filtered with reverse voltage protection. 16 optically isolated digital outputs, maximum output current per channel 500 mA. Built-in watchdog function, timer/counter and short-circuit protection. Nominal voltage 24V. Learn More
  6. APCI-1016 Digital PCI Input Card

    APCI-1016 Digital 16 Channel Input Board

    Digital input board, 16 optically isolated digital inputs, All Inputs filtered, Reverse voltage protection, nominal voltage 24V. Learn More
  7. OMNIAlog Multi-Channel Data Logger

    OMNIAlog Multi-Channel Data Loggger

    High performance, rugged remote data logger with 16 channels, expandable to 384 via expansion modules. The OMNIAlog features a large 2GB removable memory, web page based configuration and data viewing with email alarms, no software is require. The front LCD display and keypad allows remove data viewing and configuration without the need of a PC. Universal analogue inputs for mA, RTD's, thermocouples, millivolt and voltage inputs with a high 24 bit resolution. Learn More
  8. Graphtec GL100

    Graphtec GL100 Series

    The GL100 series from Graphtec give you wireless and wired Ethernet connectivity for up to four sensors. A wide variety of sensors modules are available for temperature, humidity, CO2, acceleration carbon dioxide, luminance, voltage, thermistor and AC current, all of which feature an easy to use connection and configuration system. The front LCD display gives the user real-time data as well as configuration options, while the mobile phone application and web based configuration allow remote monitoring. Learn More
  9. Graphtec GL7000

    GL7000 Modular Data Acquisition Unit

    The GL7000 is a high speed modular data acquisition unit that can be built up to fit a variety of different applications with a selection of different modules available to provide voltage, temperature or digital inputs along with voltage and alarm outputs. A total of 10 modules can be added to provide up to 112 channels on each GL7000. Optional 5.7" HD color display allows you to view current readings without the need of a PC. Learn More
  10. TCW122B-RR Remote Relay Ethernet Module

    TCW122B-RR Ethernet Relay Control Module

    Featuring two relay outputs and two digital inputs, the TCW122B-RR module allows you to monitor digital I/O over your network. Additionally a client/server configuration gives you the ability to replicate a relay on/off condition through your network, connecting signals plant and worldwide. Learn More

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