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  1. Subsea Pressure & Temperature Data Logger

    Subsea Pressure and Temperature Logger

    Pressure and temperature monitoring suitable for subsea installations up to 4000 meters deep of seawater. A wide range of pressure ranges from 435 to 30,000 PSi and temperature logging from 0 to 50°C. Memory capacity for 57,000 readings and extended life battery allows up to two years of recording. Optional viewing window for ROV's. Learn More
  2. Subsea Switch

    Subsea Switch

    Large ROV operated subsea switch units suitable for switching power on/off to data logger and display units. Also for providing switch inputs to control data logging or process function. Supplied with mounting plates, and subsea cable assemblies, rated to 4000 metres of seawater. Learn More
  3. Subsea Custom Data Logger

    Subsea Data Logger SDL

    The SDL series subsea data logger is suitable for operation down to depths of 4000 metres, and can monitor up to 15 analogue, and 2 serial inputs from a wide range of sensors. The logger has an internal memory capacity of 5,000,000 readings, which can be expanded with a USB memory stick. The analogue inpt channels are user configurable to measure, voltage, mV, mA, resistance, frequency, T/C, PT100 and strain gauge inputs. The serial inputs support RS232, RS485, NMEA, SDI12, and ASCII text serial protocols. Learn More
  4. Subsea Proximity Switch

    Subsea Proximity Sensor

    AC-PSH-01 is a reliable and a low cost proximity sensor for harsh underwater conditions. A Proximity Sensor uses permanent magnets to either source or sink the output signal (PNP or NPN output version). Sensing distance depends on the size of used magnets with a maximum range of 30mm. Learn More
  5. Subsea Acceleration Data Logger

    Subsea Vibration & Acceleration Data Logger

    Featuring a triple axis accelerometer data logger housed in a robust sub sea stainless steel enclosure. Depth ratings from 200 meters to 4000 meters are available. Battery operated data logger measures x, y,and z acceleration in the range of +/-15g, with a sample rate of up to 1600 readings per second. Learn More
  6. Subsea Pressure Data Logger

    Subsea Pressure Indicator

    Our subsea pressure indicator comprises of a Leo2 digital pressure gauge, built into a clear perspex pressure housing suitable for immersion to 1000 metres of seawater. Leo2 units are available with ranges from -1 to +30 bar, up to 0-700 bar, with a total error band of 0.1%. Learn More
  7. Subsea Underwater Data Logger

    Subsea Temperature Data Logger

    Designed for long term immersion, these temperature data loggers are waterproof to a depth of 10km making it ideal for environmental monitoring in Seas and Oceans. The data logger can store up to 16,000 readings from -40°C to +85°C and last for two years on a single battery. Learn More
  8. Merlin Subsea Data Logger

    Merlin Subsea Data Logger

    Suitable for depths to 13,000 feet, the Merlin can monitor up to 10 analogue, a single K-Type and serial inputs with the memory capacity of 10 million readings. The power efficient Merlin can also display its current real-time readings via a single or dual back-lit display configuration which can be clearly view with a ROV. Record pressure, flow, temperature, acceleration, light and much more makes the Merlin an ideal solution to your subsea monitoring requirements. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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