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  1. 2261 mV Transmitter

    2261 Load Cell Amplifier

    The 2261 is a programamble load cell amplifier suitable for 4 wire bridge / strain gauge sensors. Both zero and span are programmable via the front key pad and the LED display allows easy setup.The unit also has NPN/PNP input for external taring and a regulated supply for standard transducers. Learn More
  2. T24-A01

    T24-A01 & T24-A01i Wireless Analogue Output Module


    The T24-A01 telemetry / wireless analogue output module will provide a high resolution industry standard analogue voltage or current signal from any T24 telemetry wireless acquisition module.

    Configuration of the T24-AO1 or T24-AO1i is performed wirelessly via either the T24-BSu USB Base Station or the T24-BSi Industrial Base Station in conjunction with the free T24 Telemetry Toolkit Software.

    Learn More
  3. 190P Display

    Precision 190LT Portable Clamp On Ultrasonic Flowmeter

    The world's most cost effective hand held microprocessor based clamp-on flowmeter, featuring a choice of analog outputs, thickness gauge option, graphical display of data, data logger, RS232, USB, on board help, automatic speed of sound measurement and flow profile correction algorithm. Available with transducers for pipe sizes 15mm - 6500mm and temperatures up to 220 degrees C. Learn More
  4. TM-8811

    TM-8811 Omni Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

    The TM-8811 ultrasonic thickness gauge measures the thickness of steel, cast iron, aluminum, red copper, zinc, quartz glass, polyethylene, PVC, gray cast iron & nodular cast iron. Broad band receiving sensitivity means the meter can read probes of different frequencies. Learn More
  5. TM-8812

    TM-8812 Omni Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

    The TM-8812 is a handheld microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic thickness gauge specifically designed to measure the thickness of metallic and non-metallic materials e.g. aluminum, titanium, plastics, ceramics, glass, plastics including rubber and other good ultrasonic wave conductors, as long as they have parallel top and bottom surfaces. This gauge can be used to determine the exact thickness of pipework to ensure the correct settings on an ultrasonic flow meter. The TM-8812 will check a pipe for loss of thickness due to corrosion or erosion. Learn More
  6. GM100

    GM100 Omni Ultrasonic Level Gauge

    The GM100 series ultrasonic thickness gauge allows you to quickly and accuratley measure the thickness of various metals, glass, plastic and more with high accuracy. Range from 1.2 to 225mm for steel. Built in calibration block allows you to perform automatic off-site calibration. Learn More
  7. LEO1

    LEO 1 Digital Manometer with ±0.2% Accuracy

    DIGITAL MANOMETER LEO 1 ACCURACY 0,2% LEO 1 is a micro-processor controlled, accurate and versatile digital pressure measuring instrument with integrated fast peak-, max.- and min.-function. Ranges -1 to 3 Bar up to 0-1000 Bar. Learn More
  8. 27W Series

    Series 27W Submersible Depth Transmitter

    Submersible level transmitter, ranges 200mBar to 200 bar absolute or gauge with external case pressure up to 200 bar. Suitable for seawater applications. Available with 0-5v, 0-10v, and 4-20mA outputs. Learn More
  9. Subsea Custom Data Logger

    Subsea Data Logger SDL

    The SDL series subsea data logger is suitable for operation down to depths of 4000 metres, and can monitor up to 15 analogue, and 2 serial inputs from a wide range of sensors. The logger has an internal memory capacity of 5,000,000 readings, which can be expanded with a USB memory stick. The analogue inpt channels are user configurable to measure, voltage, mV, mA, resistance, frequency, T/C, PT100 and strain gauge inputs. The serial inputs support RS232, RS485, NMEA, SDI12, and ASCII text serial protocols. Learn More
  10. UM-2D Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    UM-2 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

    The UM-2 series ultrasonic thickness gauge offers accurate thickness measurements with an optional echo to echo function, allowing you too measure material thickness though coatings such as paint. The UM also allows you to measure the actual coating thickness, giving you pin-point accuracy down to a 0.0003" or 0.01mm resolution. Its built in memory allows you to store 500 test values and the built in calibration block allows easy on-site calibration. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 40 total

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