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  1. Tinytag Plus IS

    Tinytag Plus IS


    The Tinytag Plus Intrinsically Safe data loggers are an ATEX approved range of temperature and humidity recorders designed for use in hazardous areas.

    Learn More
  2. FS6700 & FS6200 Miniture Flow Switch

    FS6200, FS6700 & FS6900 Micro Flow Switches

    The FS6200, FS6700 and FS6900 are designed to detect increasing and decreasing flow rates of liquids in critical processes. The linear, high resolution adjustment allows for precise settings. . Fully field adjustable set points of 0.5ml/min to 800 ml/min for liquid or 30 sccm to 20 slpm for gas with 1/8" & 1/4" NPT process connections. The FS6900 is a high temperature gas switch design to operate up too 300°F Learn More
  3. FS5000 Series Flow Switch

    FS5100 & FS5700 Flow Switches

    The FS5100 and FS5700 flow switches are designed for liquids or gases for higher flow ranges - adjustable set points 0.5 to 18 litres per minute for liquid, or 1 to 700 slpm for gas. Hazardous area optional and with operating pressures of up too 68 bar, the FS5000 series are suitable for a variety of critical flow monitoring applications. Learn More
  4. MiniAir6x Series

    MiniAir6/60/64 Vane Anemometers for Gas & Water Flows


    The MiniAir6/60/64 vane anemometers provide a voltage, current or frequency output relative to the flow velocity ranges of up to 20m/s, 40m/s or 80m/s.

    The units are simple to install or use as part of a fixed system or in conjunction with data loggers, displays or portable indicators.

    The operating temperatures of the standard MiniAir6 probe is -10 to +80°C. High temperature units can be supplied with external electronics and probe operating temperature ranges up to 140°C.

    Learn More
  5. OmniText D2 SMS Alarm & Logging System

    OmniText GSM Data Logging & Alarm

    The OmniText D4 is a battery powered data logging and SMS alarm unit with up to 4 programmable inputs for temperature ( -55 to+125°C), pulse count or digital state inputs. The unit also operates as a data logger with historic data and latest readings published on our M2M Web Interface. Monthly running costs are as low as Learn More
  6. 2271 Transmitter

    2271 R / I Transmitter & Trip Amplifier

    The 2271 is a transmitter/Trip amplifier suitable for PT100/1000, Ni100/1000 or Ohm inputs. The transmitter converts the input into a proportional and linear analogue output in mA or Voltage. The Trip amplifier of the unit can be set to alarm on either increasing or decreasing inputs and at any point in the full range. An LED light on the front panel is lit under alarm conditions. Each unit requires a 24vDC power supply. Learn More
  7. 2238 Dual Relay Trip Amplifier

    2238 Dual Trip Amplifier

    2 adjustable alarm levels ~ 300 VA relay contacts Programmable input ~ Programmable relay functions 24 VDC supply For mounting in 11-pole relay socket Learn More
  8. 2237 Trip Amplifier

    2237 Trip Amplifier

    Adjustable alarm level ~ 300 VA relay contacts Programmable input ~ Programmable relay function 24 VDC supply For mounting in 11-pole relay socket Learn More
  9. 2231 AC / DC Trip Amplifier

    2231 Trip Amplifier

    AC/DC trip amplifier ~ 2 adjustable alarm limits Galvanically isolated 3.75 kVAC ~ Front programmable 3-digit LED display 24 VDC or universal supply Learn More
  10. SER-9560

    SER-9560 Service Kit for Tinytag Extra/Instrument

    A service kit for the Tinytag Extra and Instrument data loggers Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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