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  1. DCell

    DCell Strain Gauge Digitiser

    The DCell is a miniature load cell digitiser / strain gauge digitiser designed to work with any strain gauge-based transducers to provide a high stability digital RS485 output. Learn More
  2. 5116 Programmable Transmitter

    5116 Programmable Transmitter

    Input for RTD, TC, mV, linear resistance, mA and V 3-port 3.75 kVAC galvanic isolation ~ Current and voltage output Universal voltage supply. Learn More
  3. myPCLab


    myPCLab is a very compact Data Acquisition tool which connects to a PC via a USB port and monitors two universal input analog variables along with one digital input. From hobbyists to scientists, from simple technical tasks to complex engineering activities, myPCLab can be an invaluable tool for on-line monitoring and data logging in school, laboratory research, machine data recording and industrial understanding. Learn More
  4. Grant SQ2020 Data Logger

    Grant Squirrel SQ2020 16 Channel Data Logger

    The SQ2020 has 8 differential or 16 single ended universal inputs for thermocouples, PT100, voltage, 4 to 20mA, current, resistance and thermistors, with an internal memory capacity of up to 14 million readings. The logger has a large, clear 128 x 64 dot graphical LCD screen for easy access to readings and set-up information. Ethernet & WiFI connection options. Learn More
  5. 5102 RTD Transmitter

    5102 RTD Transmitter

    The 5102 is a transmitters suitable for PT100, Ni100 or Ohm inputs. The transmitters converts the inputs into an output in 0-20mA or 0-10vDC. The output signal is proportional and linear to the value of the temperature or resistance value that influences the input. 24vDC power supply and DIN rail mounted. Learn More
  6. DigiRail-2A, DigiRail-2R and DigiRail-4C

    DigiRail-2A Program. Dual Univ. Analog Input Module w/ RS485 ModBus output

    The DigiRail line of smart transmitters with Modbus RTU comunication interface provide a simple way for integrating analog or digital signals to supervisory systems. Featuring up to two universal input analog signal channels they are the most economical way to deliver analog inputs to PLC´s and SCADA systems. The input signals are isolated from power thus protecting the electrical instruments by eliminating ground loop effects. This reduces substantially the undesirable interferences and instabilities in sensor measurements. Learn More
  7. DataTaker DT80 Data Logger

    DataTaker DT80 Multi Channel Data Logger

    The series 3 DT80 is a robust, stand alone, low power data logger featuring USB memory stick support, 18 bit resolution, extensive communications capabilities and built in display. The DT80 can be mains or battery powered and the Dual Channel concept allows up to 10 isolated or 15 common referenced analog inputs to be used in various combinations. Learn More
  8. DataTaker DT85 Data Logger

    DataTaker DT85 Multi Channel Data Logger

    Datataker DT85 series stand alone data logger, mains or battery powered, with 16-48 analogue inputs ( universal input type ), 12 digital I/O, MODbus and SDI-12 serial input, USB memory up to 512 MB ( 50 million readings ), Logging rates 25 Hz to 99 days. Unit has an internal memory of 10,000,000 readings. Learn More
  9. DataTaker DT82 Data Logger

    DataTaker DT82 Multi Channel Data Logger

    The DataTaker DT82 series is a robust, stand alone, low power data logger featuring USB memory stick support, 18 bit resolution, extensive communications capabilities and built-in display. With support for Modbus sensors and SCADA systems, FTP and Web interface and switchable 12V and 5V regulated outputs to power sensors, the DT82 is an all-in-one solution for your data logging project. Learn More
  10. TV-4020

    TV-4020 Temperature Logger for Thermistor Probe

    TV-4020 is ideal for recording and displaying temperatures where a fast response time is needed or the place that needs to be monitored is inaccessible. This unit can also measure higher temperatures than the integral sensor versions. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 470 total

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