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  1. OMNI-TUF-200H Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    Omni TUF-200H Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    The Omni TUF-200H handheld ultrasonic flowmmeter is a low cost, high portability, high accuracy and non-intrusive flow meter. It integrates state-of-the-art transit-time measurement and ultrasonic signal processing technologies as well as the latest advancements in semiconductors. Learn More
  2. DRFL

    DRFL Non-Contact Torque Sensor

    The non-contact torque sensor features integral signal conditioning giving a ±10Vdc analogue signal with a bandwidth of 200Hz as standard, while a conditioner with a 1kHz bandwidth is optional. A pulsed speed output (60 pulses/revolution) or angle output (360 pulses/revolution) is available on all models. Learn More
  3. DRDL

    DRDL Dual-Range Rotary Torque Sensor

    The DRLD series of dual-range rotary torque sensors have parallel shaft connections and offers two operating ranges in one device making it ideal for test and measurement applications where high accuracy measurements across a broad operating range are required. Learn More
  4. DRWPL

    DRWPL Waterproof Torque Sensor

    The DRWPL series of waterproof torque sensors are rated to IP67 and have been specially designed for operation in harsh environments. They will operate happily where dust, water and high humidity are present constantly, and will even withstand short-term immersion to less than 1 metre depth for 30 minutes maximum. Learn More
  5. Preciseline

    Preciseline High Precision Pressure Transmitter

    ±0.2% FS or ±0.1 FS total error band, 316 SS construction, custom pressure ranges up from 2 to 15,0000 PSI, with RS485 output. Learn More
  6. TV300 Vibration Meter

    Omni TV300 Vibration Meter

    Featuring a large LCD display, the TV300 series meter can display acceleration, velocity and displacement on one screen at the same time. Also featuring a detailed vibration spectrum view for better analysis of your equipment. An internal data logger allows you to save readings while on site, which can be viewed at a later date on the unit or a PC. Internal lithium ion battery and charger is included. Learn More

6 Item(s)

per page