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HPS-120Complete wireless RS232 kit includes two wireless transceivers, 500m or 1200m antennas, power cable, null modem adapter and installation manual. Ideal for PC to PC, PC to machine, or machine to machine communications. Pre-configured and paired out of the factory.

Only $195!

Handywave HPS-120 for Wireless RS232

OMNI-TUF-200MThis low cost clamp on ultrasonic flowmeter is ideal for long-term deployment for flow measurement and closed-pipe applications, such as liquid process control, water flow measurement (hot/chill water, city water, sea water), sewage and sludge measurement, and measurements of oil (crude/diesel/fuel), chemicals (alcohol, acids, etc.), beverage, and many other liquids.

Complete kit starting at $1,210!

OMNI-TUF-200M DIN-Mount Ultrasonic Flow Meter

FieldLoggerFieldLogger is a versatile, powerful and yet cost effective data logger handling analog, digital and other types of variables with high resolution and speed. It is a high performance and high connectivity equipment and yet easy to configure and operate.

Starting at $1,200!


CMC-99The Linux based CMC-99 multi-channel display, controller and data acqusition system allows you to monitor and control up to 48 seperate devices in a single, compact system. Analogue and digital I/O can be viewed and controlled on the clear, 3.5" color TFT touchscreen. Two built in USB ports allow connection to memory keys, keyboards and mice. Available with RS232, RS485 and Ethernet communication options.

Custom waterproof cases also available!

CMC-99 Multi-Channel Display, Controller & Data Logger

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Omni Instruments LLC specializes in providing measurement, control , data acquisition products and solutions.  All of our sales engineers are experienced in the instrumentation industry and are able to guide you in selecting the correct product for your application.  No matter the size of your project, large or small, we will support you and your system.


Services & Products We Prodvide

  • Data Loggers & Data Acquisition – From basic single channel temperature monitoring to multi-channel plant wide web enabled monitoring systems, we have the product for the job. 
  • Sensors – Looking to measure flow, temperature, humidity, pressure, level or something else? Omni Instruments has a wide range of reliable and accurate sensors for your application. Backed by our expertise we will ensure that the sensor you select is the correct one for your application.
  • Control, Signal Conditioning & Display – At the heart of any automation plant is the control systems keeping your process running. All of our products are robust and reliable, either American or European designed and assembled.

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